How do you know when you're eating right for your body type?

  • You have zero cravings.
  • You have a balanced blood sugar.
  • You eat 3 square meals and a 1-2 snacks and that's it.
  • You feel satisfied yet not stuffed after eating.
  • You are hungry, but no more than a 6 on a scale rom 1-10 before eating a meal.
  • You know which foods feel good in your body while eating and after eating them.
  • You are not obsessed about food when not eating.
  • You are not counting the seconds, minutes, hours til your next meal.
  • You have a balanced mood, your stress tolerance level is good
  • Your skin, hair and nails are strong.
  • Your hormones and brain chemicals are balanced.
eating disorders and diets

And no, eating for size and weight loss is not eating right for your body type.

A fit body happens as a side effect of a balanced biochemistry.

Whenever we manipulate weight loss, our body fights back - maybe not immediately, but the biochemistry begins to change in order to cater for a stressful situation of (nutrient) starvation, which is what our body perceives many of those rigid diets, that we adhere to, in order to keep our skinny jeans on.

Ask yourself: Does what you eat today make you feel good tomorrow?

If not, it's time to consider getting back on track to restore your hunger and appetite switch.