10 Benefits of Walking Barefoot

barefoot health benefits

Now you may be thinking what on earth does walking barefoot on the earth have to do with any type of recovery from drugs, alcohol or food.

Well, self-destructive behaviors are a way to completely disconnect from any basic instinct we have - we have typically brain washed ourselves to the point of not being able to feel any type of balance in life - everything is extremes. Walking on the earth barefoot is one of the most simple and grounding habits you can do to slowly get used to being in your body again. It actually has been shown to stabilize the central nervous system and activate self-healing, as you connect skin on ground.

When we connect with nature, a profound level of healing takes place.

We dive into our own inner wisdom, and it becomes easier to transform our relationship with ourselves into something constructive - both from an emotional and physical perspective.

I personally walk on the beach or in summer-grass when the temperature permits, at least 20 min. daily.

We might as well use the healing that is in nature, instead of inventing 3rd class man-made copies that are often loaded with side-effects.

For every ailment there is already invented a cure in nature - we just need to utilize it.

Walking on the earth barefoot is super balancing, deeply grounding - and helps to de-stress the nervous system by protecting against the negative effects of Electric Magnetic Fields from smartphones, tv, microwaves, electricity-poles, wifi etc.

earthing antiinflammation

Top 10 Benefits of Walking Barefoot

  1. Anti-inflammatory
  2. Lessons chronic pain
  3. Increases sleep
  4. Lowers stress
  5. Normalizes the body's biorhythm
  6. Increases circulation
  7. Eases tension and head aches
  8. Increases wound healing
  9.  Quicker restitution and less pain after hard labor
  10. Protects against low-frequency electromagnetic fields.
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