The pull of addiction is beyond human control. Neuroscientist Nora Volkow is a pioneer in addiction medicine and director of National Institute of Drug Abuse at NIH. In this talk which was taped at TEDMED 2014, she applies the lens of addiction to eating disorders and obesity; describing the brain chemical issues at play. TEDMED features the brightest minds in health + medicine at their yearly conference.

I'll be attending TEDMED 2015 - feel free to drop a line (just hit reply to this email), should you find yourself there. We are developing a health app, and if we get done in time, we might just be able to feature it while there, so I'm super excited about that.

Back To Basics

Basically the take-away message from this video is to get back to basics. Stop the diet-madness and just eat REAL food. Stop fretting about no-fat low-fat carbs etc. The addiction part with food only kicks in when we are loading up on engineered food designed to high-jack our brain. God never made food that way. A basic rule of thumb without going all health fanatic nutty is to just eat according to nature. Don't fool yourself into thinking that you can supplement your way to health or that all those vegan-glutenfree-sugarfree snack food packaged products are healthier than anything that grows naturally in nature without loads of added binders, chemicals etc.

Anyway. Enough talk - hit play.