The no. 1 fat that detox toxins and emotional stress.

Our emotional health is closely tied to our physical health.

For every emotion there is a biochemical equation.

As an example, when we are under stress, we store fat and crave sugar, carbs and stimulants. 

molecules of emotion

We also store “molecules of emotion” in our fat cells.

According to Dr. Candice Pert’s book, The Molecules of Emotion, old emotional patterns of behavior can linger in the body for years, making us think the same thoughts and repeat the same behaviors again and again as adults. A once experienced trauma can literally take space in our physical body and thereby continue to affect our thoughts and emotions - and actions. 

This is also why treating animals right up until we eat them as part of the circle of life, becomes that much more important.

If the animals have lived a life of abuse, they will have produced stress chemicals that are stored in their fat. And then we eat that. And eating those chemicals affect us almost similar to as if we were producing the stress chemicals ourselves - a gradual built-up of stress hormones in our fat over time, though. Not like one bite is going to set off a panic-attack.

However, we are eating molecules of fear, stress and anxiety, when eating animals that have been abused as part of industrial farming methods.

In order to rid the physical body of the chemicals of toxic emotions that are stored in our fat cells, we want to consider fats that can remove the fat-soluble toxins already stored.

Ghee (clarified butter) has been used for this very purpose for centuries in Eastern medicine and also a great detoxifier for other environmental toxins that store in our fat over time and compromise our physical and mental health as well as our metabolic capacity.

Taking ghee on an empty stomach first thing in the morning has shown to be a great remedy to detox whatever toxins - emotional and environmental - we might have accumulated over time.

ghee porridge

I like to eat ghee over rice and veggies or in a baked sweet potato w cinnamon in the morning. Or I might make a ghee porridge: simply cooking basmati rice together with oats and flax seeds and a tbsp. of ghee and sprinkle of natural salt. Simple and delicious. I might add a some brown sesame seeds, cilantro and a fried egg if I am feeling it.


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