Do toxins play a role in addiction?

Addictive behaviors, such as certain eating disorders like binge eating, overeating and addictions to sugar, alcohol, smoking, chronic masturbation, sexual addictions, etc. all have their root in the brain.


A toxic and nutritionally deficient brain is far more prone to addictive behaviors.

Heavy metals like mercury can totally screw up our dopaminergic system and make us more likely to engage in addictive behaviors unable to quit them. 

According to this study here, titled “The effects of environmental neurotoxicants on the dopaminergic system: A possible role in drug addiction“, heavy metals and other toxins like BPA from plastic can make the brain more vulnerable to drug addiction.

Get a glass bottle for your water.

Plastic bottles are likely one of the biggest contributors in our daily life of that super toxic BPA - also big issue in breast cancer btw.!

One way to figure out if this is a contributing issue in your case, is to get heavy metal tested.