You will never go any higher than you THINK.


Have you noticed how many times, we say "I can't" even before we try?

mind over matter

Most of us tend to have these beliefs that we repeat over and over again - in our own head and in conversations with others. Repeating like a mantra that we want to come true.

Well, it just so happens that whatever we think we can or can't - we are right.

Nothing has ever come from a place of no faith, no hope, no vision.

In order to change something as chained to us like an addiction; something that often feels as second nature to us as breathing, we must DECIDE that we CAN break the chains. We must have faith in this in spite of however out of reach it may seem right now. 

We must make a choice to believe that we are not dysfunctional - we are not damaged goods.

We are not lacking anything outside ourselves to fix us.

That we can, in fact, live a life from a place of love, hope and passion. Passion about life - about waking every day like we did when we were kids. A brand new day full of adventures, play and new things to be discovered.

It doesn't matter that you have forgotten what balance feels like.

The only thing that will determine whether we overcome the chains of addictions, is whether we decide - I CAN DO THIS. 

you can do it

We tend to align our actions with our thoughts, which is why if we tell ourselves and others, that we "just can't" - we will self-sabotage and look for supporting reasons as to why we can't.

Look, no one needs more reasons as to why something can't be done.

Frankly, there is always a million trillion reasons as to why something "can't be done" - and yet there is always someone who decides to just do it anyway. If you want to solve something - anything - you need to look for reasons why IT CAN be done.

Nurture your mind

I've never understood this let's-focus-on-finding-reasons-why-it-can't-be-done mentality in corporate life either. Many of us will at some point have had a manager who was busy always keeping things as they were. For every attempt on trying to improve something, they will spend hours, days, years going over every single possible and impossible angle of why some change can not be done.

Always hanging on to the end of the curtains, hoping to stay safe. 

This is a very dangerous way of thinking and living. Nothing in life is ever status quo nor predictable; it either moves forward or it starts slipping. Why we always need to focus on taking that next step forward. However small it may be matters not - as long as we are moving. We can't stay in our comfort zone - if we try, eventually we will find ourselves very, very far left behind from where we want to be. And that's not very comfortable.

Life is movement. Everyone living must adhere to the rules of life in order to thrive - no short-cuts.

It only takes one reason why it CAN be done to change something. 

Arguing against something is a waste of time - and this goes for recovery too. Get busy finding reasons why YOU CAN. Reprogram yourself to understand that obstacles are there to grow you as a person, not to prevent you from moving forward and taking action.

If we don't move, we become stagnant and die from within.

Life is not that complicated - it's actually pretty simple, we just tend to want to make up all these reasons to stay in our comfort zone. When fact is, it's always a choice. And that choice is ours. Every day, every hour, every second.

We are in control - whether we like it or not.

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