Is what you worship ruining your life?

Humans were designed to worship. 

Designed to worship? Seriously what. Did you inhale too much "California grass", I hear you thinking.


worship one god

Think about why you want money, designer shoes etc.

Think about why you go to the bar at night.

Think about why you watch the game every Sunday.

Think about why you watch gossip celeb tv.

Think about why you do the things you do.

In each one of our lives, is an element of worship. Humans were designed to worship. This is not something that most of us ever think about, yet realize.

Most of us do not even realize, that we are worshipping something.

Yet we will carve out time to worship thinness on instagram and post images of our own body parts.

We are worshipping the body.

Some of us watch sports. We invest time and money in these things.

We are worshipping the sports team.

We will outmax our credit cards to get the newest Louboutin's.

We are worshipping an image.

We will work 70+ hours never seeing our family.

We are worshipping money.

Yet, we kind of get uncomfortable with talking about worshipping per se.

Just like we kind of get uncomfortable with talking about being addicted per se. 

Don't like the term "worshipping"? Have you ever been to a game and seen how people behave? I don't know what other term you would use to describe this. Whenever a term seems too "edgy" for us, it most likely has another reasoning behind it, as to why we react crossly to using it; rather than it not being accurate. 

Like when that one glass of red wine a night turns in to a bottle.

Yet, we like to call it "enjoying life". That is until there is no more wine. Then we get moody. Because we are, in fact, addicts.

We just don't like to use that term. It kind of makes us uncomfortable.

When we do not worship the only thing, that we were meant to worship in this life, our life goes askew.

We get stuck on the treadmill to no-where.

We keep running after something or someone, that can never ever fill that void within. 

We will always end up worshipping something.

We might want to call our worship of element "freedom" = as in the inability to commit, that inevitably leads us to get trapped in our own isolation, due to our fear of being trapped - the irony. Or we might prefer to call it "passion" = aka obsessive exercising, workaholic, skinny-obsession, food-is-my-religion etc.

What we worship will define whether we will ever find peace or get stuck running on the hamster wheel. Or find out at the end of our time, that our life mattered not - we mattered not. We made no difference, we did not live out our potential - we were worshipping the wrong things. Dead things.

What do you worship? What is your life centered around?

Elements of self-destruction, self-hatred and materialistic values... or?

True transformation comes when we make transformational changes inside our programming - when we begin to feel gratitude and be present in this moment.

We can only be truly grateful, if we understand what it is we are designed to worship: that, which has designed us.

This is based on faith that goes beyond our limited intellectual capabilities to truly understand what it is, that we cannot see. That is why it is called faith.

And faith is having the courage to take that first step, even when we do not see the whole staircase.

It is having faith in that which we worship - that we are somehow guided beyond what our limited view can see right here, right now.