3 Things To Help Deep Sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the most typical issues I get asked about.

We live in a stress-filled world where we are constantly exposed to nervous system overstimulation through our electronic devices and smart phones, wifi and EMF.

better sleep

Add to that, it is well-known that addictions and eating disorders cause major damage to the sleep related neurohormones, serotonin and melatonin. Luckily once you have weaned off drugs, you can reset your sleep cycle.

My favorite 3 remedies to help the body get back into deep sleep mode in 3 months or less are:

1. A tbsp. RAW honey added to a cup of hot milk boiled with turmeric + cinnamon

This helps to balance an overexcited central nervous system. Boiling the milk with the herbs, helps to break up the compounds in milk that are difficult for humans to digest otherwise. Widely used in Ayurveda to restore stamina in recovery. Honey boosts melatonin and does NOT cause blood sugar spike - but it must be RAW, as honey damages, when it undergoes high temperatures as regular processed honey. Adding it to the hot milk after you have boiled it, is fine though. Just don't cook with raw honey - always add after.

Boil organic milk up with some cinnamon + turmeric, pour in mug and add raw honey. 

Boil organic milk up with some cinnamon + turmeric, pour in mug and add raw honey. 

2. Asphalia

This supplement is made from select grasses and helps to calm the mind and body without the hangover affect the day after as taking pure melatonin can result in. Also taking melatonin is not for long-term, as it has a "tiring" effect on the heart, when taken for extended amount of time. Asphalia is hands-down my personal favorite remedy for jetlag when traveling.

3. Kava

This is a more targeted remedy for hyperactivity related disorders - especially ADHD. Kava works on neurotransmitters involved in regulating anxiety and restlessness, and is very effective for that. However, it needing something in general for sleep this may not target why you cannot sleep - try the previous mentioned 2 remedies if in doubt, as Kava is a bit more targeted in its action biochemically.

Kava plant

Kava plant