Can we handle the truth?

"We live in a generation of emotionally weak people. Everything has to be watered down because it's offensive, including the truth."

I have been pondering this quote since I saw it posted on social media.

  • Have we become too political correct?
  • So much so that everything matters, yet nothing really does?
  • One might say that we are fighting for equality. Yet is that really it anymore? 
political correctness

I don't think this current trend of political correctness has much to do with freedom. On the contrary it seems to limit our creative thinking and productivity.

It seems that in our search for freedom and equality, we are turning into sheep.

And I think that in breaking free of any addiction, we need to become better at expressing our truth as it is.

When we water things down too much, we lose ourselves.

And when we lose ourselves, everything crumbles. We tend to be overly reactive and take everything personally. And when everything is offensive, and we get attached to victimization - we become stuck. It does not serve us - rather it imprisons us.