5 Questions Non-Addicts Don't Ask

Hello, my name is xyz and I am an addict.

Not something anyone ever wants to have to say out loud.

Therefore, we often make excuses, explanations and elaborations for our destructive habits, as to not have to attach ourselves with the term "addict".

addiction denial

When we are scared of change, when we fear we won't make it through to the other side, when the light seems so far away and we feel weak...

That is when we will often tend to deceive ourselves. We will lie in an attempt to survive in the midst of the misery. We will often lie so much, that we convince ourselves, that we do not have a problem. That everything is OK. We are OK. This is OK. What we are doing is fine - everything is just fine. When in fact we are slowly drowning. 

If we have to constantly seek out reasons why our actions are normal, then they likely are not.

When we have healthy habits, we do not need to check in and come up with explanations as to why they are normal. We just do them, and we act out on our core beliefs.

When our actions are in alignment with our beliefs and values - it flows and we feel at ease.

Thus no need to ask all those questions, that we tend to do, when we do things that are not in our best interest long-term.

5 Questions Non-Addicts Don't Ask

1. I am not addicted if I can go a week without drinking, right?

2. Isn't it normal to drink after work to destress?

3. If I had a problem I would be doing it also in the morning, no?

4. What's wrong with me?

5. Why can't I stop at one or two drinks, chocolates...etc.?

These are so common to ask ourselves when we are in the chains of addiction, yet we don't want to deal with it, so we hope that our behavior is normal. That everything is fine.

Fact is, if you ask yourself any of above, likely everything is not just fine.