Start where you are

Our current state of balance, can change yearly, monthly, daily and even minute-to-minute.

Knowing our current state of balance is an essential tool for figuring out what needs attention right now. We can then feed those needs, rather than continue in a state of suppression and denial - all of which only leads to further imbalance and built-up.

You don't fix needs by ignoring them, you fix needs by listening and caring for them.

The quicker we pay attention, the better we become to act intuitively with the right actions. This knowledge of our current state helps keep us steady and balanced and gives insight on how we can maintain that state.

Balance requires action.

To take action we must buid a practice of rituals that help us regularly tune into our body throughout the day, month and year.

Building a daily practice of rituals to check in on how we are doing, will be based on our current state. Sometimes we may feel like we are moving backward and thus our action steps and check-in rituals needs to adjust to reflect just that.

If we choose too big action steps to avoid admitting to ourselves, that we are moving slower, than we might ideally want to, well then we slip.

We need to always take the nearest smallest step available to us - and then we can commit to keep going. Too big steps cause too big turmoil. This leads to an emotional built-up, that we often cannot handle and so we compensate or risk self-destructive behaviors or just "give up". Small steps is where the magic happens.

This is how we actually catalyze growth: by accepting that progress is not linear.

By practicing non-judgement and committing to action every day, regardless of how small it may seem. Use your current state of balance as your guide to determine your best daily routine, your most beneficial diet and the right herbs to support you where you are TODAY.

Give yourself at least a month to experiment with each addition, and if it feels right, slowly add more as you go.

Something as easy as keeping a regular bedtime and waking up at the same time each morning can have a significant impact on our well-being. Another small step could be completing three simple things upon waking in the morning: stretching routine, brushing your teeth and sipping warm water.

Remember, this is an opportunity to find out what works for you.