What is it that I am so afraid to feel?

All the things we do, eat and take to avoid any uncomfortable emotion.

How many of us are guilty of this, even without having what can be diagnosed as a full-blown addiction?

All the while we may display an image that seems so strong, so unbreakable to anyone who tries to get close to us.

Until our glasshouse one day shatters.

Because all that is made from glass will one day break into pieces. Glass surrounding us everywhere, vivid reed blood streams tainting our perfect white shirts, blending with tears and spit on the ground.

Somehow many of us are more comfortable with this image of physical pain than the emotional prison, that we hold ourselves hostage in, day in and day out.

Until days become years and we look back at decades spent feeling nothing but numb. 

What is it that we are so afraid to feel, that we think we must drink it away, eat it away or run so many endless miles to somehow feel that we are alive - in some way.

Are we scared that we might break, if we feel what it is that is stirring inside of us? The emptiness behind the smiles, the hollow sounding "fine" in response to the "how-are-you-doings". 

What do we think might happen if we break.

Really, why are we so scared. It is just feelings.

And they won't go away til we let them go.