Being over- or underweight is a symptom.

And every symptom brings with it a lesson. Until we learn the lesson, the symptom remains.

So instead of attacking it, we need to create space to understand what it is, that we are supposed to learn from this symptom.

body fat percentage health

Many of us have this idea, that any body fat is a bad thing. 

Body fat has an essential role for optimal health and absolutely crucial for female mental health and hormone balance. So when we talk about weight being a symptom, we are talking about a fat percentage below 21% for females or above 30%. For men it is a health concern if it drops below 14% or rises over 25%.

However, a diet, a weightloss or weight gain plan is simply yet another an attack on the symptom.

The cause is still there - and it will continue to result in the same symptom, until we accept the messages that it is trying to tell us. Whatever that message may be.

Symptoms are not wrong, they are not there for us to judge them, rather they are ways our body is trying to tell us that something is not working for our better. Perhaps we are living fake lives based on others expectations. Perhaps we have lost ourselves in the search of perfection  and happiness - only to find ourselves ever so depressed, never perfect enough and with so many scares we try to mask with foundation, expensive designer wear and boob implants.

What do you think, life is trying to tell you? What are your symptoms and why are they there?