You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

One of the reasons why we don't change, let go of addictions, stop disordered eating behaviors and just being self-destructive, is that we simply don't believe we can.

And whatever we believe, we will act upon.

Our actions are a reflection of what we think - the things we tell ourselves day in and day out. If we tell ourselves that we can't, we won't even try - and if we try, we will self-sabotage.

faith in change

We will always act in ways, that support our belief-system.

This is why the key to changing anything in our life, must start from within. We must have faith in something, that we have not yet seen manifested in our life. If we cannot muster up any faith, then we have nothing - no hope, no reason to try. We remain stuck and deeply unhappy.

If we dare not take the leap to believe, we cannot even fathom the possibility that things could be different, than they are right now.

Deciding to let go and have faith in the journey is probably the most typical obstacle holding every single one of us back at some time in our life.

And it is at that time, that we need to realize, that we are in control of our thoughts.

If anything needs to change in our physical realm, we must first sow a seed of faith in order for our thoughst to begin to manifest into supporting actions that can then build upon

faith martin luther king

We MUST change our thoughts constantly and consciously in order to ensure that move break old habits and rewire our brain to crave new positive stimulations and feed our self-worth rather than tear us down day by day.

If we accept the negative thoughts we allow to occur, we accept victimization, self-destruction and self-hatred.

It is simply a matter of saying yes to life.

That whatever you have gone through, whatever destructive things you have done -- there is another way.

And when you believe it, you will slowly begin to seek things that re-inforca another way of being in this world.

And yes, you will begin to voluntarily let go of addictions, disorders and destructiveness - simply because these things no longer resonate with you new self. Step by step.... bite by bite.

Today is the day to decide your worth.

Today and every day forward til you have become the person you want to be - the person you are meant to be.

faith in life
You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
— Eleanor Roosevelt 1884-1962 Diplomat, Activist, First Lady of the United States