The 3 Aspects of Nourishment

Addiction is one of the greatest health issues facing Western society today. When I say addiction, I do not mean necessarily hardcore drug or alcohol addiction.

The term addiction encompasses almost all self-destructive patterns or behaviors. We are experiencing a lack of control in some area of our life. Some kind of behavior that provides instant relief or distraction to escape the fact, that we are not feeding all 3 aspects of what defines us as a human being. This is why many of us are not thriving in this skin we are in.

What are the 3 aspects of being a human?

soul hunger

1. Body

How do you feed it? Eating foods and moving in a way that is nourishing, supportive and loving - for your specific personal temperament and biochemical type. Not what Cindy Crawford eats. Whenever we try to copy someone else, we fail to thrive, because the point is not to be someone else, it is to be the best version of YOU. That is why no diet fits all. Stop buying rigid diet books. Throw out the scale. Make a decision that you will commit to being the best version of you, not a fake version of someone else. For God's sake. If not for your own sake.

2. Mind

How do you feed it? You allow yourself to be present. You stop distracting yourself with tv, social media, texting. You develop some sort of practice to go beyond your thoughts - aka meditation. Just 5 minutes every morning. Consistency is key. Find a meditation method that you resonate with, it doesn't have to be hell. You carve out time to be in nature. Simply because it feels good. And of course I have to add to that, it is scientifically proven that nature helps to reconnect us back to balance. It helps us to develop intuition and to feel... well, feelings. When we do not master our mind, our mind will control us. That is why our daily physical shower is as crucial as our internal mental shower. Daily allowing your mind to be present. That can be done by simply carving out 20 minutes walking in nature. Consciously taking in the feel of the breeze on your skin, the sun setting, the sounds of leaves playing in the wind. Swap Facebook time, the time you spend doing your hair, or put on less make-up. You make the time, if it is important to you. Don't do that, "I don't have time." The things we make time for is mind-boggling.  

When we say "I don't have time", it is an excuse for taking no action - and you are insulting yourself.

If you have a TV, a smartphone or laptop, truth is you are wasting much time on nothing. These devices are eating up our energy, ability to be present and connect to actual human beings. The connection they provide us is lacking any soul connection. 

You have dozens of time available at your disposition if you change your priorities.

If it is important enough for us, we make time. Simple. We can always make more money, but time is limited. It is the most precious currency we have. That is also why what we choose to spend our time on is a direct reflection of our current beliefs and values. Are you spending your time complaining, shopping, getting hair done, getting drunk at the clubs, working late hours, staring into your social media feed... is that the story of your life? No wonder we are starved.

3. Soul 

How do you feed it? This is the thing that distinguishes us as humans from every other living being. And yet, most of us fail to understand the significance of the essence of human being. Why we don't feed it. Most of us have a soul hunger that we mistake for food, drugs, alcohol and destructive behaviors to distract from the sense of void that is ever present.

Our soul is the only part that has wisdom to it.

Yet, we rarely utilize it - and our choices reflect that we are disconnected from any sense of wiseness. Our soul is the link to our purpose in life. The purpose driven life is one, that is in alignment with our inner calling. You feed this part of you by being of service. By cultivating the ability of unconditional love. By surrendering our ego in acknowledgment of that something greater created each one of us. And without that, we are nothing. This is not a passive process. Reconnecting and feeding our soul is a demanding task until it becomes a habit we would never want to live without again. Suddenly realizing the utter stupidity of the choices we have made previously and the illusions they were based upon.

Your soul feeds on love.

It thrives on unconditional love. So the action steps you do to practice this must match that energy. This is probably getting pretty abstract, and you are wondering what concrete actions you can do to start this. Let me give you some examples of microsteps. Volunteering in an animal shelter. Or it could be working with any segment of society that is in pain. It could be committing to no longer RE-act. You can't practice yoga, eat greens, meditate and still be cursing in the intersection - then you are still living in a world of pretense and trying to create an illusion of meaning, yet you are trapped in reaction mode still. There are many daily microsteps you can take to begin to reconnect with your soul. The right step for you will depend on your current stage of change ultimately. If you just start somewhere, the path will appear, so don't obsess over what your next step is - just do SOMETHING. Prayer is the easiest, obviously. Committing to not reacting is key to master this step. And that takes practice, patience and persistence.

No addiction can exist, when we master the art of unconditional love.

Self-destructive behaviors thrive on self-hate, bitterness, resentment and judgment. 

The only way to let go of a self-destructive pattern is to accept where you are in this moment and acknowledge, that you are worthy in spite of your flaws.

When you can love something that is dirty, you can help others become better versions, because you yourself have overcome that, for humans, difficult task of accepting something that is less-than-perfect. 

When we allow ourselves to be, we reflect this onto other people.

And that creates a safe space in which we can all grow into grace together. Imagine that. No longer needing to compete with anyone, just trying to get us all over the finish line together, wouldn't that be nice for a change.

transformation through love