They say that if you are going through hell...

to just keep walking.

Seems pretty solid advice. I wonder how many of us disregard this oh-so-simple advice and instead freeze in the moment, like a deer in headlights. We stay stuck in the pain we might find ourselves in at times for far too long. So that a moment in pain becomes an eternity.  Crippling us.

We freeze because we are tranquilized by pain. We feel that nothing matters anymore, perhaps. 

However, regardless of our frozen status quo, I think there is comfort in knowing that every day the sun rises and sets.

Every day the waves keep crashing at a steady pace. Again and again.

So that if we keep walking, keep moving - however slowly, then everything will be okay. 

Knowing that nothing changes, if nothing changes.

So if we choose to freeze, we end up frozen.

Frozen in our hearts and in that moment in time where pain seemed to gobble us up alive.

Instead of it being a moment of growth, we turn it into our destiny. We repeat the pain into our future.

Even though we do not need to.

There is no logical explanation for doing this. It is ever so slightly masochistic. Animals do not typically do this - they adapt and move on. Animals are very smart beings - that's because they are intuitive and does what works. They don't get stuck in their pain - they shake it off and move right along.

I like to watch how every fall the leaves change color.

Fall is a season of change. You can feel it in the air, the way the wind howls and blows right through to your bones.

Nature never stays stuck.

It keeps moving ever so gracefully through the different seasons of life.

And this, that if we just keep moving, walking, everything is going to be alright. 

I think that this is a fundamental truth to life and in recovery of addiction, losses, lost loves and whatever else we need to recover from. The longer we freeze, the greater the possibility that we become frozen and stuck. And allow ourselves to become hardened and rigid in our pain.

So we might as well keep walking, when life is not what we hoped it would be.

Because we can always keep moving, even though it might be only crawling at times. And somewhere in time we will find, that we have walked though hell and left it behind us.

Instead of setting up camp there.