All the small things.

I was grabbing the metro the other day. And as it so often happens, everyone makes their way in one big mass and stops right in front of the metro doors. Not really allowing people to get out, before they push their own way in.

One of the truly most mind-boggling behaviors.

And I swear, it must be the same people who never pick up their dog shit either, so the streets now look more like a public restroom for the four-legged than anything fit for humans. 

Now seriously, this is not just a rant, even though I do hate stepping in dog shit on the beach.

What puzzles me here, is the complete lack of responsibility. So many of us are so stuck in our own little bubble. We are too busy fighting for our own existence to ever stop up for a second and consider how our own existence might be a bit more easier, if we could get together the amount of brainpower to think about how our reactions affect others - whether that be directly or indirectly. 

So many of us seem to be stuck in this childish mode of existing. Thinking, we can get away with anything, as long as nobody stop us.

If no one knows, it doesn't count. If no one sees us doing it, it never happened.

We do not have to be accountable. And right there, well, that's where we are wrong. For every action, there is a reaction. And the reaction that others might have is not what matters, it is our self-worth that takes the hit. When we consciously engage in behaviors, where we think we can get away with it - whether that be jumping the line, stealing, cheating, leaving dog shit on the streets, drinking alcohol from a water bottle, raiding the kitchen cabinets at night - we are stunting our own growth. 

That's all great - but what does that have to do with dog shit?

Everything. Cleaning our own mess, reflects back on how we perceive ourselves at a deeper level. Allowing for others to exit before we push our way through, reinforces the message to ourself that we are considerate, compassionate beings with an abundance mentality.

Whenever we do things, we think we can get away with, it feeds into scarcity mentality.

The idea that there is not enough for everybody, and we need to push other away to make our own way. That the world is a harsh place and nobody cares. Well, if we don't care, how can we expect anyone else to care. Changing habits is in the details - it's all the small things that builds the fundament for our growth into a better, more loving being.

Think about the last time you met someone who truly impressed you. they probably did si, because they cared. They cared about themselves, others and all the small things, that no one else cares about, and thus the initial gratification to gain approval is low - because most of us think no one will notice if we start caring more. But everyone notices, because we are all longing for someone who cares... about us or anything really for that matter.

What do you care about?

Really truly...your family yes... what else... and how do you show it? Words matter not in the realm of caring, caring is about actions, commitments... and all the small things, where most of us tend to be quite careless, because we think it doesn't matter. It always matters.