Transcending our limiting beliefs.

I was at The Longevity Conference in Anaheim, California last week with a bunch of health nuts like Dr. Mercola, Ron Teeguarden, Dave Asprey and David Avocado Wolfe - as charismatic as they are, not much health nut news there.

However, what really stood out was this guy whom I happened to stumble upon. He is absolutely brilliant in the field of transformation and transcending limiting belief systems.

Check out below video where Kute Blackson talks about the importance of dyeing once before we die. This is crucial for anyone who is in recovery - we must let go of all the mental blocks that have held us chained to our past limiting beliefs.

We must become so humble that we understand that what others think of us matter not. 

Yes I know it seems contradictory to use the word "humble" here, but that is truly the essence. Humble means letting go of our ego's ideas of what we need to be and having integrity to stand up for what we believe is true. We begin to grasp that we are not the center of attention, and we let go of the chains to the ego's vanity obsession. We are not living to please other people; we are living to step into our greatness and to serve for something greater.

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We are not here to be liked, to get likes, even though it may often seem so. 

We are here to be whatever it is we are meant to be on a soul level. Because there will never be another expression of that soul again - there is something specific that we have come here to do in the form of that soul.

This means we must kill every judgement that remains in us - towards ourselves and against others.

Because when we are limiting our own selves, we are confining other people too. We are unconsciously sending off a message that love is to measured in pounds, cars, money, one-night-stands etc. and that if we do not fit into those narrow shallow standards, we are of no worth. 

And that rigid judgement affects every one we come in contact with.

No one likes to be around people who are judging themselves, because it always transmits this message that perhaps this person is also judging us for our imperfections. Not cool.

We must be so raw, so naked that we simply cannot suppress our true needs anymore.

When we suppress our true soul needs, it leads to a very lonely life lived in the midst of a million faces yet always with a mask covering our true identity, because we deem ourselves unworthy in this skin we are in.

So we pretend.

We pretend to be something, somebody else. Anything else. Just not us. Slowly suffocating from the inside out.

This leaves us feeling unloved, unseen, unheard.

Simply because we are wearing a mask, a facade that is only for display. No one knows who we really are - least of all ourselves.

We must commit to live a life of integrity, love and compassion. 

While this video may seem to be more like a self-development video for men - the underlying concept holds true for transcending any limiting self-beliefs and that typical addiction to shallowness and distraction that starve our soul and lead to addictive and self-destructive behaviors.