How To Detox Your Mind

An untamed mind runs like wild horses. As scenic and romantic as that might sound, I can assure you that is not so, when it comes to our internal mind chatter. Quite the contrary. So we know that our mind controls our emotions, and that our emotions affect our physical state of wellbeing and organ health. The logical question then is: what controls the mind? Breathing. Breathing is the king of the mind. Breathing instantly takes us from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system response. Our reptilian brain is in charge of our response to life when we are in the sympathetic nervous system. Our reptilian mind is like a snake. It's sneaky and wants to attack and react. That's why many of us get lost in running after things like power, sex, binge behaviors and money.... always more, more more. 

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Beyond Yoga: Bridging The Body-Mind-Soul Gap.

Feeling, sensing, embracing are all essential skills for living creatures to survive in this world. Dancers, actors, musicians, race car drivers, surfers and athletes usually have incredible kinesthetic awareness. This body awareness is something that most of us had as kids. Everyone who goes down a path of self-destruction disconnects from this awareness - and feels, well, disconnected, lost and without any sense of inner guidance; thus spiraling out of control.

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How Emotions Manifest In Your Body

Many of us think, that we need detox diets to clean our bodies, and yes, sometimes we do after years of eating garbage and perhaps abusing drugs etc. However, more importantly though, we need to detox our emotions. Our emotions constantly set off a cascade of biochemical reactions in our body - promoting inflammatory responses and activating genes of disease. 

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How To Manage Your Emotions without Drugs, Food + Alcohol

Amber Valletta, ex-addict and supermodel, speaks out about the things she has found that she needs to do to thrive in recovery.

A key thing for Amber's ability to manage her emotions without drugs is mindfullness - her daily meditation practice. You can watch the video with Amber here.

This week I want to talk about the next step in recovery - and basically one of the most important steps for anyone dealing with wanting to change a behavior: building a daily meditation practice.

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