Our relationship with food is a gateway drug.

One thing that remains constant for every human being is our need for food. The act of eating. Of nourishing ourselves and those we love. Yes, food is an extension of love. How we eat is an expression of nourishment for our body and soul. If we can't master the art of feeding ourselves in a loving manner that meets our individual and ever-changing needs, every other relationship will reflect this dysfunction to some degree. Whether it is overly rigid, controlling and obsessive - or we binge and suppress our needs and emotions.

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How to make 2015 AWESOME.

Life is not easy, and that's why the most important thing we can do is to begin mastering our thoughts and our perception. This way we become more resilient and can just go with the flow instead of fight, scream and in vain hang on to toxic things, that are not working for us, even if we feel that we NEED that person, that habit, that food, that drug etc.  Sometimes we need to let go of things we love too. 

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You will never go any higher than you THINK.

Most of us tend to have these beliefs that we repeat over and over again - in our own heads and in conversations with others. Repeating like a mantra that we want to come true. Well, it just so happens that whatever we think - whether we can or not - we are right.

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What is your weakness trying to teach you?

Recovery often feels like two steps forward and one step back - and sometimes one step forward and two steps back. Again and again. We often feel like the world is against us. that we have no willpower. That we are the victim. We just can't go on anymore. We have tried every possible way. We feel weak, exhausted and full of self-pity --- and self-hate. And we often look for something or someone to save us. Someone to save us from ourselves before we drown. Drowning in the rivers we have created with our tears, blood and sweat.

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Exercise to Lower Stress: Nose-breathing vs. Mouth-breathing

It is well-known in addiction research that exercise can increase endorphins, which help take the edge off withdrawal symptoms and elevate mood. In other words, movement is a core component of every human beings health. When we were kids, we would spill over with energy and zest for life - like we were in a room without ceiling. We needed not be told what was good for us, we were so connected to our body, mind and soul, that we instinctively did what felt good. Addiction is a hunger for happiness, for wholeness, for meaning.... for something more. However, exercise can both REDUCE or INCREASE stress and the risk of relapse - in this article I go through 5 exercise styles that will help you thrive in recovery and actually achieve your body and mind goals faster. And no, the key is not harder, longer, faster.

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The Biochemistry of Violence

Did you know that violent behavior whether leading to destruction against others or one-self, such as in addictions, is tied to specific nutrient imbalances that can be traced already in kids? We used to think that violent behavior, addictions, eating disorders and general social dysfunctional behaviors were a result of lack of supportive parental guidance and a good upbringing. Well, it has long been known in nutritional psychiatry, that terrible childhood actually has little to do with where people end up later in life. We are not our trauma, and we can transcend pain of the past, when we are resilient on a biological level.


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6 Ways Hugs Make Your Feel Better Biochemically

Hugs are one of the most simple ways to make you body release oxytocin. The more oxytocin your pituitary gland releases, the better you are able to deal with life's stressors.

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Are You Living Life As A Junkie?

Cravings for drugs or out of control carb cravings are very similar in their neuropathway manifestation. This is also why you typically see recovered drug addicts dealing with food issues after they leave rehab. Thriving in recovery is not exchanging one addiction for another. Living a life as a junkie is not limited to those on drugs.

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How Emotions Manifest In Your Body

Many of us think, that we need detox diets to clean our bodies, and yes, sometimes we do after years of eating garbage and perhaps abusing drugs etc. However, more importantly though, we need to detox our emotions. Our emotions constantly set off a cascade of biochemical reactions in our body - promoting inflammatory responses and activating genes of disease. 

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Acceptance Comes Before Change

Today I want to talk about acceptance as transformation tool in recovery, and basically key for whatever change you are looking for.

As in accepting where you are at this point in time

As in accepting the person you see today in the mirror - yes today, not tomorrow or after some 5 lbs weight loss or whatever.

As in accepting your flaws as a human being in this skin we are in.

As in accepting that life will never be perfect, neither will your body, your family, your friends, your house or your bank account. Always something to tweak, always something we wish were different, than what we have. After every high (whether drug induced or work accomplished), always left with a feeling of a "is that all there is". Bottom line is, the void we seek to fill, will never be filled by anything from this transient time on earth.

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How To Manage Your Emotions without Drugs, Food + Alcohol

Amber Valletta, ex-addict and supermodel, speaks out about the things she has found that she needs to do to thrive in recovery.

A key thing for Amber's ability to manage her emotions without drugs is mindfullness - her daily meditation practice. You can watch the video with Amber here.

This week I want to talk about the next step in recovery - and basically one of the most important steps for anyone dealing with wanting to change a behavior: building a daily meditation practice.

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